Maryna Saprykina

Maryna Saprikyna will come to Amsterdam Business Forum, straight from her home city Kiev, Ukraine. Yes: right in the heart of the war zone.

Maryna is one of the most prominent female business leaders in her country. She is CEO of CSR Ukraine, Founder of the Ukrainian Women Entrepreneurs Hub and an advisor to the United Nations Development Program.

Extreme Resilience

She will bring a very impressive and touching perspective on ‘extreme resilience’:

  • What can we learn from the extreme challenges that Ukrainian businesses have been facing in the last 1,5 years?

  • How do entrepreneurs and leaders in Ukraine deal with setbacks, attacks and uncertainty?

  • How do they unite to help each other to survive and thrive, even in a situation of chaos?

Maryna will share some remarkable examples of Ukrainian entrepreneurship and leadership.


Since the war in Ukrain, more business have started than stopped

Winner: Speaking Contest

Maryna is the winner of the Business Forum Group speaking contest. Earning her a spot on our stages in Helsinki, Oslo and Amsterdam. Plus a total speaking fee of 50k Euro. All this money is going directly to Ukrainian people and businesses to help them towards victory in this crazy and inhumane war.