Britt Breure

Britt Breure is Director of HR and CSR at AFAS Software, a unique family company with a strong corporate culture and impressive results.

AFAS has 600 employees, but only 1 HR employee. That's Britt. In addition, the company has an absenteeism rate of 1.6%, an eNPS of +79, employee turnover 5% and an average turnover per FTE is 297,000 euros.

A this moment AFAS Software has no OR, no recruiters and no legal department.

Part of the strength behind this is the strong personal atmosphere and corporate culture. A culture that was once characterized in a book as the 'Cult of Leusden' but which is extremely successful. And very simple. Everything in the culture of AFAS is directly derived from the 4 core values: 'do', 'trust', 'crazy' and 'family'. No rules, just a set of standards. Within these, everyone has (a lot of) freedom.

And that approach works! AFAS Software was voted best employer in Europe by Great Place to Work. It also earned Britt a well-deserved spot in the HRTop100.

In addition to her role as Director of HR, Britt is also CSR Director of AFAS Software. In this role, Britt is also committed to social responsibility and sustainability within AFAS and beyond.